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Luxury Sailing is the premier nautical charter agency for those seeking an exclusive sea experience. Since 2013, we've been providing unforgettable cruises in the Seychelles, and since 2019, we've extended our services to Sardinia. We provide the rental of modern and sustainable sail catamarans, ensuring maximum comfort for our guests.

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Explore stunning destinations aboard comfortable boats, reaching places inaccessible to cruise ships. Our double cabins with private bathrooms offer comfortable accommodations for two. Our chefs prepare delicious local cuisine.


Enjoy a private vacation with a crew included. Relax on premium boats, wake up to different magical places each morning, and savor local flavors expertly paired by our chefs. Simply pack your suitcase; we'll handle the rest.


Experienced sailor? Take command of our sail catamarans. Sail to enchanting locations in Sardinia and the Seychelles. Rent our boats with or without a skipper, and experience ultimate freedom and privacy.

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