Treat yourself to a unique experience on the ancient island of Sardinia.
Explore this magnificent land by sailing its clear and crystalline sea, traveling aboard our catamarans for a relaxing journey.
Dock at some of its most beautiful ports to discover charming cities.

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Why choose Sardinia


Explore Sardinia's underwater wonders, from unspoiled coastlines and wild beaches to crystal-clear waters. Sail to secluded coves and deserted islands for an unforgettable experience.


Sardinia offers more than just tourism—it's a land of rich culture and gastronomic traditions waiting to be discovered. Sail along the coast, from the hinterland to remote islands, to experience its genuine charm.


Discover the La Maddalena Archipelago and Bonifacio Natural Reserve, with stunning views of crystal-clear seas and wind-sculpted rocks. Embark on a unique journey of exploration that will make you fall in love with this Mediterranean gem.


Sardinia enjoys a Mediterranean climate throughout the year. With long, sunny summers and mild winters, it's the perfect destination for year-round sailing and experiencing the region's natural beauty.


Corsica & Sardinia

Embark on an unforgettable 7-day experience aboard our brand-new sailing catamaran, the Lagoon 46, where you’ll have your own cabin with a private bathroom.
With full board included, you can savour the crystal-clear sea and salty breezes along with typical Sardinian dishes. Each day is a new adventure as the waves gently rock you between hidden islands and spectacular sunsets.

Exclusive cruise

Have you ever dreamed of living the very essence of luxury and exclusivity on a private catamaran for 7 days?
You can make your dream come true by renting the brand-new sailing catamaran, Lagoon 42, with 4 double cabins, living a tailor-made experience surrounded by first-class services and unparalleled comfort.
Every moment of this journey will be a personalised work of art, a unique opportunity that only a few fortunate ones will get to experience.

Special weekend

Dive into this extraordinary 3-night cruise, from the enchanting Thursday to the relaxing Saturday.
It’s a unique opportunity to explore the “La Maddalena” archipelago and the incredible Tavolara island, all in an intimate and personalised atmosphere, aboard our Lagoon 42 or Lagoon 46 sailing catamaran, depending on availability.
You’ll have the entire catamaran at your disposal, to sail from April to June and from September to November.

Sailing Sardinia

Enhance your cruise experience with our exclusive travel packages – the perfect choice for an unforgettable, stress-free adventure.
Customize your journey based on your preferences, adding exciting activities and visits to exclusive tourist destinations.
With high-quality services and 24/7 assistance, you can enjoy a unique and relaxing adventure.
Let the beauty of the sea and the destinations you'll visit during your cruise captivate you.

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Sailing Sardinia

Discover Sardinia

Embark on a voyage of discovery in Sardinia, a gem nestled in the Mediterranean.

Here, nature unveils its magnificence through pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking panoramas.

Each coastline is a living masterpiece, where golden sands seamlessly merge with imposing cliffs and vibrant hues.

Immerse yourself in this extraordinary beauty, with our personalized offers ensuring a relaxed and immersive experience.









Exclusive Sardinia

Experience the constant westward wind, providing ideal sailing conditions year-round. Summers are particularly delightful, thanks to the thermal breezes enhancing your journey.

Sardinian cuisine is an exquisite blend of ancient flavors and genuine ingredients, including bottarga, sheep cheeses, pane carasau, and mirto. These culinary delights stem from centuries-old traditions that make Sardinia's cuisine truly unique.

Explore Caprera, with its wild and unspoiled beauty, seems like a corner of earthly paradise where time stands still, allowing you to savor the simple beauty of the sweet life.

Traveling with us means making a difference.
Our commitment to eco-sustainability is reflected in every aspect of our yacht selection, reducing environmental impact while preserving the guest experience.

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Activities in Sardinia

Caprera Excursion and Garibaldi's House Visit
During your stop in Olbia, indulge in an unforgettable excursion to Caprera, an island in the La Maddalena archipelago renowned for its natural beauty and connection to Giuseppe Garibaldi's history.
This immersive experience combines history and nature, allowing you to visit Garibaldi's House, where the famous Italian patriot spent his final years.
Explore the island's enchanting beaches and breathtaking views, offering a unique opportunity to connect with Sardinia's history and natural beauty.

Vermentino Wineries Visit
While in Olbia, immerse yourself in Sardinia's rich wine culture with a visit to esteemed Vermentino wineries.
This experience takes you to the picturesque surrounding hills, where you can savor delicious Vermentino wine, learn about the production process, and admire the dedication of local producers.
Delight in unique flavors as you explore the terroir of this renowned wine region.

Tavolara Island Exploration
Don't miss the chance to explore Tavolara Island, a captivating paradise nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, during your stay in Olbia.
This tour unveils the island's natural wonders and rich biodiversity, captivating you with crystal-clear waters ideal for swimming and snorkeling.
Marvel at the fascinating marine ecosystems teeming with diverse marine species.


To reach our base in Sardinia, you can arrive at Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport (OLB) or the Port of Olbia with your own car. Our boats are only a 5-minute drive from the airport and a 10-minute drive from the port.
Marina di Olbia provides supervised public parking, available free of charge for all marina guests. As the space is limited, we recommend arriving early in the morning or late in the evening to find a spot. Alternatively, there are paid, supervised parking lots near Olbia Airport (15 minutes on foot from the marina).
We can arrange private transportation for your arrival at the airport or port and take you to our base at Marina di Olbia.
Furthermore, our partners offer a personalized travel package that includes flights, accommodation, and car rental. Contact us for more information about our all-inclusive proposal.
"Less is more"! It is advisable to travel with soft bags instead of rigid suitcases, as they can be too bulky on board.
In addition, our charter base provides secure luggage storage at a cost of €10 per day / piece.
To travel to Sardinia, you must have a valid passport or identity card. Additionally, before boarding, you must present a valid identification document, such as a driver's license.
In the case of bareboat charter, the captain/skipper must present a boating license recognized by Italian authorities.
Don't forget your ID card and driver's license if you plan to go on land excursions and/or rent cars, motorcycles, or quads.
To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable vacation, we recommend opting for light and comfortable clothing, such as T-shirts, shorts, and lightweight pants, shoes with rubber soles or flip-flops. The temperature difference between day and night on board can be significant, so don't forget to include a warmer garment for evenings on board, such as a windproof jacket, a sweatshirt, or a cotton sweater. Avoid overloading your luggage with overly formal or uncomfortable clothing, such as high-heeled shoes.
Dedicate your suitcase space to useful and enjoyable items for your vacation, such as a good book or a camera to capture the most beautiful moments.
Although summer in Sardinia is usually characterized by good weather, weather conditions cannot be predicted with certainty. Our team of experts is highly qualified and knowledgeable about the navigation area, so they will be able to provide valuable advice on ports, bays, and the safest and most beautiful places to spend your days in vacation, even in adverse weather conditions.
Additionally, you can choose to book a land excursion on rainy days.