Every wave we ride, every smile we see on the faces of our guests, every sunset we share with you is born from our deep passion for the sea and for Sardinia.

This is the driving force behind everything we do!

Why Choose Us

The unique blend of luxury and sustainability

An authentic connection with Sardinian culture and cuisine

An immersive sailing experience that highlights the natural and cultural beauty of Sardinia and Corsica

The 'cabin charter' approach that allows you to share the experience and make new friends on board"


Our Goals

A desire to create personalized and authentic experiences

Providing sustainable and eco-friendly travel

Promoting lesser-known or 'off the beaten path' destinations

The pursuit of well-being and relaxation during holidays, with a focus on health and balance

We aim to redefine the luxury maritime experience on a global scale, forging lasting connections with local communities, promoting the culture of the places we visit, and setting standards of sustainability and excellence in the industry.


Immersed in the magic of Sardinia, we offer sustainable voyages that blend passion, dedication, and authenticity. Aboard our catamarans, every experience transforms into a memorable odyssey while respecting the environment and celebrating Sardinian tradition.


We redefine the essence of maritime travel, creating authentic, sustainable, and innovative experiences through deep connections with each destination. Guided by the passion and dedication of our team, we aspire to illuminate the world of sailing as pioneers of the sharing economy at sea. With us, every journey becomes an unforgettable moment, enriching every adventure, wherever the wind may take us.


In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, sustainability is not only an ethical value but also our responsibility. Every journey with us is a step towards a greener future. We reduce plastic usage and adopt eco-friendly practices, ensuring that while you enjoy the wonders of Sardinia, you are also contributing to its environmental preservation.

You are at the centre of our world. Every detail, every service is designed with you in mind, ensuring that the experience exceeds your expectations. We dedicate every smile of the crew to you!

Feel the heart of Sardinia with us at every moment. From locally prepared cuisine with passion to routes that reveal the true essence of the island, you will immerse yourself in an authentic and unforgettable journey.

For us, the best is never enough. We select only the finest vessels and aim for the highest standards in every aspect of your journey, guaranteeing an unparalleled quality experience.

Sardinia is not just a destination; it is our home. We value and support the local community, ensuring that every journey contributes to the well-being of the island and the people who make it special.

At Luxury Sailing, our passion for the sea and Sardinia guides every decision. We operate with integrity, providing authentic and sustainable experiences. We embrace inclusivity, welcoming every traveller to the warmth of the Mediterranean. Innovation drives us to always deliver the best, finding effective solutions to reduce our environmental footprint. The power of education and collaboration elevates every moment spent with us because the vacation is created together with you! Your onboard experience is the heart of our mission, making every journey unforgettable.

Parlano di noi

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